Mentors are invaluable in helping early career psychiatrists acquire new skills, network with career-expanding colleagues, and navigate the challenges associated with career advancement.  The Department of Psychiatry and its faculty are dedicated to helping physicians navigate the transition from residency to their careers as clinicians, educators, administrators, and researchers.  Get to know some of the faculty who are involved as mentors in the Geriatric Psychiatry Clinical Fellowship:


Academic Interests

Howard Aizenstein, MD, PhDfMRI; Late-life depression
Sharon Altman, MDConsultation-liaison services
Carmen Andreescu, MDfMRI; Late-life anxiety; TMS therapy
Tejal Bhojak, MDInpatient geriatric psychiatry
Paul Bulgarelli, MDEducation; Late-life substance abuse
Meryl Butters, PhDNeuropsychology; Dementia; Depression
Alexandre Dombrovski, MDfMRI; Late-life suicide and its behavioral economics
Mary Ganguli, MD, MPH

Epidemiology of dementia

Ariel Gildengers, MDLate-life bipolar disorder
Robert Marin, MDNeuropsychiatry; Apathy; Older adult sexuality; Preventing abuse in older adults: Psychotherapy
Richard Morycz, PhD, LSWFamily burden; Home-based care; Psychotherapy
Sarah Stahl, PhDComplicated grief; Depression prevention; Healthy lifestyle modification
Robert A. Sweet, MDNeurobiology; Genetics of psychosis
Esther Teverovsky, MDGeriatric psychiatry education
James Tew, Jr., MDTransitions in care; Health care reform
Crystal White, MDGeriatric psychiatry education; Inpatient psychiatry
Ellen Whyte, MDDepression and stroke: Psychotic depression