Health Equity Investigators


Layla Banihashemi, PhD

Stress-related neural circuitry; Childhood threat and deprivation; Infant neurodevelopment and emotionality

Christine C Call, PhD

Perinatal health behaviors & mental health; Food insecurity, disordered eating & body weight; Community-engaged research & health equity

Caitlin M Conner, PhD

Emotion awareness and regulation; Adapting mindfulness for ASD; Suicidality in ASD

Kristen L Eckstrand, MD, PhD

LGBTQ+ mental health equity; Child & adolescent psychiatry; Trauma-associated neural circuitry

César G Escobar-Viera, MD, PhD

Depression & suicide prevention among LGBTQ+; Digital mental health interventions, social media; Mixed methods

Alison E Hipwell, PhD, PsyD

Reproductive mental health; Stress response; Intergenerational studies

Heather M Joseph, DO

Infant and toddler attention; Early risk signals; neurodevelopmental disorders

Michele D Levine, PhD

Pregnant/postpartum health; Binge eating and disordered eating behavior; Perinatal health equity

Sarah L Pedersen, PhD

Health inequities in alcohol & substance use; Alcohol response and impulsivity; ADHD

Paula Powe, MD

Early childhood adversity and toxic stress; Engaging Black fathers in early intervention; Systemic and social determinants of health

Konasale M Prasad, MD, MBBS (MD)

Network neuroscience related to risk for psychoses; Multimodal neuroimaging; Schizophrenia treatment clinical trials

Dana L Rofey, PhD

Impact of obesity on the developing brain; Effects of hormones on cardiovascular health; Technological interventions for youth/young adults

Rebecca C Thurston, PhD

Menopause and cardiovascular disease; Menopause and neurocognitive health; Trauma and cardiovascular disease risk

Andrea Weinstein, PhD

Mobile cognitive assessment; Alzheimer's disease and dementia; Psychosocial influences on cognition

Mary L Woody, PhD

Mechanisms of depression, anxiety & stress; Neurocognitive interventions; Health equity