Residency & Fellowships

Our residency training programs and fellowships are well-known for their clinical and research excellence. We train our residents to critically evaluate both new and established approaches to assessment and treatment, and to pursue careers that enable them to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, education, and public policy within the realm of psychiatry.

Resident Training in Pittsburgh Video

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Given our clinical, education and scientific training objectives, and the wealth of resources in our community, residents receive comprehensive training that defies categorization into typical dichotomies, such as “biological versus sociological”, or “clinical versus research”. Our training ethos centers on bridging and integrating different fields, and our program provides a well-integrated and balanced variety of experiences that represents the major paradigms within contemporary psychiatry.

National Neuroscience Curriculum

In line with this focus on integration, the UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital is one of the three founding sites for the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative (NNCI). The NNCI is a collaboration between residency programs (US and international) with the goal of training psychiatry residents to incorporate a modern neuroscience perspective into every formulation and treatment plan, bringing the bench to the bedside.

UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital Partnership

In addition to well-defined programs in the psychotherapies and somatic treatments, the UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital has experts in behavioral psychology, behavioral medicine, developmental disabilities/autism, psychiatric epidemiology, social and community psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, interviewing techniques, family and group therapies, and neuropsychology.

Interested in our Residency Training Program?

If you want a taste of what residency in our Department is like, see our visiting medical student options. Further, if you identify as being from a group traditionally under-represented in medicine, please consider applying for the Jeanette South-Paul, MD visiting clerkship.