Visiting Fellowship in Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

The Visiting Fellowship in ECT is offered four times each year and provides practitioners with a one-week intensive training in the clinical delivery of electroconvulsive therapy at UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital. 

This 40-hour course offers both didactic and practical instruction covering theoretical and clinical aspects of ECT treatment including: demonstrations of technical procedures; faculty presentations; case conferences and consultations; audiovisual materials; and self-instructional material and readings. Enrollment is limited to five physicians and two registered nurses (RNs). Specific clinical areas include medical management of high-risk patients; anesthesia; treatment in special populations; medical legal issues; informed consent; acute and continuation treatment; stimulus dosing and titration; electrode placement; seizure monitoring; outpatient mode of delivery; outcome measures; and quality control. RNs will observe and participate in patient interviews and assessments, treatment room responsibilities and recovery operations of ECT patients. In addition to clinical assessments, RN’s will also participate in didactics. They cannot however perform ECT treatment on patients.