Clinician-Educator Navigator Program

The Clinician-Educator Navigator Program provides each new clinician-educator (CE) with a point person (Navigator) who can provide guidance and resources to assist in the transition process (either from trainee to CE within the Department or from CE status at another institution to CE status within the Department).  

Navigators are CE faculty who have successfully transitioned themselves and who are familiar with the clinical environment at UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital and its related clinics and programs. Navigators convey a set of “things to know” to the new CE, refer the CE to appropriate resources, and share experiences which will make the CE’s transition easier. The Department matches Navigators and Navigatees based upon clinical focus, job assignment, work environment, family situation, and other relevant factors. 

For more information about Clinician-Educator Navigator Program, please contact the Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs, Dr. Kenneth Nash.