Michele D. Levine, PhD

Michele D Levine, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry and Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences, and Psychology

Contact Details

3811 O'Hara St.

Education & Training

Clinical Psychology, University of Pittsburgh, School of Arts and Sciences
Clinical Psychology, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of UPMC
Psychology, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of UPMC
Clinical Psychology, University of Pittsburgh

Current Appointments

Co-Director, Clinical Psychology Internship and Postdoctoral Training Program

Professional Affiliations

Fellow, Society of Behavioral Medicine
Fellow, The Obesity Society
Member, Executive Committee, Academy of Psychological Clinical Science
Member, Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

Selected Honors & Awards

Best Abstract, Women's Health, Society of Behavioral Medicine
Junior Scholar Award for Biobehavioral Health Research, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Research Interests

Pregnant/postpartum health; Binge eating and disordered eating behavior; Perinatal health equity
Selected Research Publications & Products
  1. Donofry S, Emery R, Conlon RPK, Germeroth L, Wang B, Cheng Y, Levine MD. Documenting the course of aberrant eating prior to, during and after pregnancy among women with pre-pregnancy overweight and obesity. Int J Eat Disord. 2020 Dec; 54(4) 633-638. PMID:33368433
  2. Levine MD, Emery Tavernier RL, Conlon R, Grace J, Sweeny GM, Wang B, Cheng Y. Loss of control eating during pregnancy is associated with excessive gestational weight gain among individuals with overweight and obesity. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 2023 May; 23(1): 340. PMID: 37173628 PMCID: PMC10176920
  3. Levine MD, Emery RL, Conlon RPK, Marcus MD, Germeroth LJ, Salk RH, & Cheng, Y. Depressive symptoms assessed near the end of pregnancy predict differential response to postpartum smoking relapse prevention intervention. Ann Behav Med. 2020:54:119-124 PMCID: PMC7170725
  4. Levine MD, Cheng Y, Marcus MD, Kalarchian MA, Emery RL. Preventing postpartum smoking relapse: A randomized clinical trial. JAMA Intern Med. 2016;176:443-52. PMID:26998789.
  5. Kolko Conlon RP, Bang Wang BS, Germeroth LJ, Cheng Y, Buysse DJ, & Levine MD. Demographic, pregnancy-related, and health-related factors in association with changes in sleep among pregnant women with overweight or obesity. Int J Behav Med. 2020 May 6. PMID:32378048

Clinical Interests

Perinatal health; Eating behaviors and disorders
Selected Clinical Publications & Products
  1. Emery RL, Grace JL, Kolko RP, Levine MD. Adapting the Eating Disorder Examination for use during pregnancy: preliminary results from a community sample of women with overweight and obesity. Int J Eat Disord. In Press.
  2. Call CC, Magee K, Conlon RK, Hipwell AE, Levine MD. Disordered eating during pregnancy among individuals participating in the special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). Eating Behaviors 2023 April; 49:101726. PMID: 37079978
  3. Emery RL, Benno MT, Salk RH, Kolko RP, & Levine MD. Healthcare provider advice on gestational weight gain: Uncovering a need for more effective weight counseling. J Obstet Gynaecol. 2018:38(7):916-921. PMCID: PMC6151156
  4. Marcus MD, Levine MD. Obese patients with binge eating disorder. In: Goldstein DJ, ed. The Management of Eating Disorders and Obesity, Second Edition. New Jersey: Humana Press Inc; 2004.

Education Interests

Research mentorship; Training clinical psychologists