Our Chief Residents

Caroline Franke, MD 

Chief Resident, Inpatient Services

Samantha Sahi, MD

Chief Resident, Ambulatory Services

Jacob Brent, MD & Naomi Ullendorff, MD

Chief Residents, Triple Board

Camille Tastenhoye, MD

Chief Resident, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowships

Ranjani Natarajan, MD 

Chief Resident, Family Medicine/Psychiatry - McKeesport

Jennifer Lequieu, MD

Chief Resident, Family Medicine/Psychiatry - St. Margaret’s

Ceci Westbrook, MD, PhD

Chief Resident, Psychiatry Research Pathway

Meghan Keil, MD

Chief Resident for Education

Jess Stephens, DO

Vice Chair, Academic Administrator Clinician-Educator (AACE) Track

Lauren Andrews, MD

Chief Resident, Psychotherapy Training

Ida Brockman, MD

Chief Resident, Well-Being Initiative

Patrick Buckley, MD

Chief Resident of Fellows