Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine

Department of Psychiatry faculty and residents will be active participants in numerous sessions at the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine Annual Meeting that will take place November 9-12, 2016 in Austin, Texas.

The theme for the conference, "Brain, Mind and Body: Why Every PM Psychiatrist Should Care about Neuroscience," demonstrates the Academy?s commitment to enhancing a clinician?s skills by incorporating clinical neuroscience into the assessment and treatment of patients with complex neuropsychiatric conditions. Courses, symposia and workshops focusing on the interface of neuroscience and psychiatry will feature presentations by Pitt Department of Psychiatry faculty including:

  • The National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative: Bringing Neuroscience into the Clinical Practice of Psychiatry - Dr. Michael Travis, Director of Residency Training for the Department of Psychiatry.
  • Tics, Tourette?s and Twitches: Neuroscience and Neuropsychiatry of Movement Disorders and Incorporating Neuroscience Education into Trainee Experiences in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry - Dr. Pierre Azzam, Director of the Department?s Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship.

In addition to those sessions, eight members of our faculty and three residents and fellows will give oral presentations that cover a broad range of clinical issues and career development topics.

Several of our residents and fellows will also share their work as part of the meeting?s poster session.  Their presentations will highlight their findings from several collaborative projects:

  • Foreign Body Ingestions in the Inpatient Setting: A Case Review - Nicole Bates, MD
  • Consultation Challenges with Apparent Capacity in Anorexia Nervosa - Frank Fetterolf, MD, Shelly Kucherer, MD, and Christie Urquhart, MD
  • Appreciating and Differentiating Psychomotor Findings of Catatonia and Delirium: Educating Non-psychiatrists in Identification and Management - Daniel Fishman, MD
  • When Bipolar Disorder Isn?t Bipolar Disorder: A Case of Anti-nmda-r Encephalitis - Shelly Kucherer, MD and Christie Urquhart, MD
  • Delusions of Perception and Restricting Food: The Role of the Consult Psychiatrist - Shelly Kucherer, MD
  • Intentional Overdose in Pregnancy: Clinical Features and Management of Toxidromes - Neeta Shenai, MD and Erin Smith, MD