Jiying Ning, PhD

Research Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Contact Details

3811 O'Hara St.

Education & Training

Environmental Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences
Structural Biology, University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests

Cryo-electron microscopy and tomography; Biochemistry and structural biology
Selected Research Publications & Products
  1. Fu X, Ning J, Zhong Z, Ambrose Z, Watkins SC and Zhang P. AutoCLEM: An automated workflow for correlative live-cell fluorescence microscopy and cryo-electron tomography. Scientific Reports 9, 19207 (2019) doi:10.1038/s41598-019-55766-8.
  2. Ning J, Zhong Z, Fischer DK, Harris G, Watkins SC, Ambrose Z and Zhang P. (2018) Truncated CPSF6 forms higher order complexes that bind and disrupt HIV-1 capsid. Journal of Virology 92, e00368-18
  3. Ning J, Erdemci-Tandogan G, Yufenyuy EL, Wagner J, Himes BA, Zhao G, Aiken C, Zandi R and Zhang P. (2016) In vitro protease cleavage and computer simulations reveal the HIV-1 capsid maturation pathway. Nature Communications 7, 13689.