Colleen A McClung, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry and Clinical and Translational Science

Contact Details

450 Technology Drive

Education & Training

University of Virginia, College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Biology
University of Texas Southwestern Medical CenterNeuroscience

Professional Affiliations

Fellow, American College of Neuropsychopharmacology
Member, Society for Neuroscience
Member, Society for Research on Biological Rhythms
Member, Molecular Psychiatry Association

Selected Honors & Awards

NARSAD Independent Investigator Award, Brain & Behavioral Research Foundation
Rising Star Award, International Mental Health Research Organization
Neuroscience of Brain Disorders Award, McKnight Foundation

Research Interests

Circadian rhythms; Mood disorders; Drug addiction
Selected Research Publications & Products
  1. Parekh, P.K., Becker-Krail, D., Sundaravelu, P., Ishigaki, S., Okado, H., Sobue, G., Huang, Y., and McClung, C.A. (2017) Altered GluA1 function and accumbal synaptic plasticity in the Clockdelta19 model of bipolar mania. Biological Psychiatry, in press
  2. Chen, C.Y., Logan, R.W., Tianzhou, M., Lewis, D.A., Tseng, G.C., Sibille, E., and McClung, C.A. (2016) The effects of aging on circadian patterns of gene expression in the human prefrontal cortex. Proc Natl Acad Sci, USA, 113:206-11.
  3. Sidor, M.M., Spencer, S., Dzirasa, K., Parekh, P.K., Tye, K.M., Warden, M.R., Arey, R.N., Enwright III, J.F., Jacobsen, J.P.R., Kumar, S., Remillard, E.M., Caron, M.G., Deisseroth, K., and McClung, C.A. (2015) Daytime spikes in dopaminergic activity underlie rapid mood-cycling. Molecular Psychiatry, 20:1479-80.
  4. Ozburn, A.R., Falcon, E., Twaddle, A., Nugent, A.L., Gillman, A.G., Spencer, S.M., Arey, R.N., Mukherjee, S., Lyons-Weiler, J., Self, D.W., and McClung, C.A. (2014) Direct regulation of diurnal Drd3 expression and cocaine reward by NPAS2. Biological Psychiatry 77:425-33. *Selected as a priority communication.
  5. Arey, R., Enwright III, J.F., Spencer, S., Falcon, E., Ozburn, A.R., and McClung, C.A. (2013) An important role for Cholecystokinin, a CLOCK target gene, in the development and treatment of manic-like behaviors. Molecular Psychiatry, 19: 342-350.

Clinical Interests

Psychiatric disorders

Education Interests

Training graduate students; Training undergraduate students