TransPride Health and Wellness Conference


TransPride Health and Wellness Conference

featuring leaders from UPMC and our community partners

The 2022 TransPride Health and Wellness Conference is now open for registration! This virtual conference will use the Whova events platform and will be streamed via Zoom. The final program schedule is in progress and will be announced in the near future. 

DATES: October 6-8, 2022


  • Avatara Smith-Carrington (they/them), BA, JD - Staff Attorney at Lambda Legal

  • Cecelia LaPointe (they/them), BA, MA, “Ojibway – Anishinaabe Two-Spirit Identity”

  • Ellie Zara Ley (she/her), MD, “Feminizing and Masculinizing Gender Affirming Surgeries”

  • Elle Lett (she/her), PhD, MA, MBiostat, “Moving from Transgender Visibility to Transgender Justice”

  • Naomi Green (she/her), MBA, “What's a Rainbow Without The Color - The Importance of Allyship”


Understanding Gender Diversity, Transgender Theory in Clinical Practice, Autism, Trauma and Trans, Play Therapy, Eating Disorders, Assessment & Depathologization, Specialized Mental Health Care, Gender Dysphoria and Mood Disorders, Building Resiliency, Letter Writing, Gender Identity in Research, Informed Consent in Research, Intersex Patients, Prevention and Screening, Labs, Complicated Cases, Endocrinology, Affirming Hospice/Palliative Care, Access/Care in Rural Areas, Adolescent Medical Decision Making, Pelvic Floor Therapy, Inclusive Physical Therapy, Gynecologic Care, Affirming Voice Modification, Legal Advocacy, Insurance Advocacy, Community Perspectives, Empowerment Through the Art of Ballroom, Community Poetry, Community Art

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS: Full conference registration is available with CME and CEU credits for professionals in Medical, Behavioral, and Social Work fields. We will be offering 8 CME credits each on Thursday and Friday, and additional credits on Saturday (total still being determined). In addition to our accredited content, we will have significant community, legal/advocacy, parent-focused, and school/educator-focused content. 

REGISTER HERE: Click here to register to attend. All Transgender, Nonbinary, and Gender Diverse community members and their immediate caregivers or parents can register for free and will have access to all content, including the professional sessions.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please contact Alicyn Simpson at