TNP Welcomes New Faculty

Translational Neuroscience Program Welcomes New Faculty

The Department of Psychiatry Translational Neuroscience Program is pleased to welcome John F. Enwright III, PhD, Colleen McClung, PhD and Christopher Verrico, PhD to the faculty.

Dr. Enwright, Instructor in Psychiatry, is interested in the mechanisms by which gene expression is altered in psychiatric disorders. In addition to conducting experiments in collaboration with Dr. David Lewis and other TNP investigators, Dr. Enwright is actively involved in the mentorship and training of students, post-doctoral fellows and other trainees.




Dr. McClung, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, is exploring the molecular mechanisms that underlie psychiatric diseases with an emphasis on the role of circadian rhythms and the genes that make up the clock system in reward, anxiety, and mood-related behavior. Dr. McClung and her colleagues are investigating how manipulations of circadian genes and changes in reward-related circuitry can lead to the development and treatment of psychiatric diseases.



Dr. Verrico, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, is engaged in research that involves behavioral, electrophysiological and pharmacological assessments in adolescent non-human primates, which are designed to identify potential mechanisms underlying the association between heavy cannabis use during early adolescence and the later development of schizophrenia.