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New Faculty - Kymberly Young, PhD


Please join us in welcoming Kymberly Young, PhD as the newest member of the Department of Psychiatry faculty.  

A talented clinical neuroscientist, Dr. Young’s research focuses on investigating the deficits in autobiographical memory recall in depression and related conditions, and developing therapeutic applications that utilize and target autobiographical memory recall. Her most recent work has involved training patients with depression to use positive autobiographical memories to regulate amygdala activity in real-time using fMRI.  Her work is funded by a K99/R00 award from the National Institute of Mental Health and a NARSAD Young Investigator Award.

Dr. Young is an alumna of the American University in Washington, DC where her studies focused on Psychology, Behavior, Cognition and Neuroscience.  After obtaining her Master’s degree and PhD, Dr. Young performed postdoctoral research under the mentorship of Drs. Wayne Drevets and Jerzy Bodurka at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Her work led to her appointment as an Associate Investigator by the Institute in 2014, and her collaboration with Dr. Greg Siegle at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Psychiatry on a study of amygdala activity during autobiographical memory recall in depressed and vulnerable individuals.  The results of that project were published in the January 2016 issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry.  Dr. Young is also the author of numerous other publications appearing in high impact journals including JAMA Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine.  In addition to disseminating her findings in the literature, she has presented her research at the annual meetings and scientific conferences in the United States, Canada and Europe.