NCDEU New Investigator Award

Rasim Diler, MD Receives NCDEU New Investigator Award


The American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology (ACSP) has selected Rasim Diler, MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, for a 2013 NCDEU New Investigator Award. As part of the award, Dr. Diler will receive a travel stipend to attend the 53rd Annual NCDEU meeting in Hollywood, Florida in May 2013, where he will participate in the New Investigators Workshop and will present a poster based on his abstract entitled "Abnormal Neural Activity during High Memory Load Working Memory Performance Distinguishes Bipolar Disorder from Unipolar Major Depression in Depressed Adolescents".

Dr. Diler is the Medical Director of the Inpatient Child and Adolescent Bipolar Service (In-CABS) at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of UPMC.  The service aims to bridge clinical innovation and evidence-based protocolized practices to improve early identification and treatment of mood disorders in youth.  Dr. Diler is also a collaborator on a number of research projects focusing on affective disorders in children and adolescents.  His research interests focus on understanding the developmental trajectories of mood disorders and identifying neural markers that can differentiate bipolar disorder early in life, which in turn may help us to predict treatment outcomes.