Life History Studies Meeting

Pittsburgh to Host International Life History Research Society Meeting


Pittsburgh will welcome researchers from around the world when the city hosts the Life History Research Society Meeting, May 7-10, 2014 in Oakland.

The Life History Research Society is an informal, multi-disciplinary group of scholars who are pursuing prospective longitudinal research examining various aspects of human development across the lifespan.

Drs. Alison Hipwell and Jeffrey Burke, members of the Department of Psychiatry faculty, are the Co-Organizers for the 2014 meeting. The Life History Research Society meeting offers the rare opportunity for longitudinal researchers from different disciplines and different countries to come together to discuss common problems and strategies for addressing them, and to highlight research findings and accomplishments in this area of study. Sessions will focus on new research relating to antisocial behavior, mental and physical health, and psychosocial development, as well as methodologies, statistical analyses and addressing problems specific to longitudinal research.

Abstract submissions for the meeting will be accepted through October 25, 2013. Submissions may include oral and poster presentations of recent findings from both longstanding and recently established longitudinal research projects of human development from infancy to older adulthood. Presentations highlighting methodological issues associated with longitudinal research are encouraged, as are studies of prevention and public policy. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) antisocial behavior, mental and physical health, psychosocial development, personality, educational attainment, resiliency, family functioning, and psychobiological development. Abstract forms may be obtained on the meeting web site at Abstracts are to be submitted in English via email to

If you have questions regarding the meeting, please contact the meeting organizers via email at or visit the conference website.