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APS Rising Star - Rebecca Price, PhD

The Association for Psychological Science (APS) has designated Rebecca Price, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, as a Rising Star based on her innovative research to advance the field and her great potential for continued contributions to science.

The Association established the Rising Star designation to recognize outstanding psychological scientists in the early stages of their research careers.  The APS Board of Directors evaluates investigators for the Rising Star designation based on their significant publications, discoveries, methodological innovations, and the potential broad impact of their work.

Dr. Price’s research concentrates on the transdiagnostic neural mechanisms of information processing in anxiety, depression, and suicidality, including a recent focus on negative attentional biases.  Her work also explores the intersection of clinical and neurocognitive research more broadly, including translation of cognitive neuroscience findings into novel brain-based interventions, and individual differences in neurocognitive function that predict response to specific treatments. She has disseminated her findings through presentations at numerous scientific meetings and conferences, and her publications have appeared in leading scientific journals including Biological Psychiatry and the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.