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Access to Care Fellowship

Dr. Oliver Lindhiem Awarded Access to Care Fellowship Grant
from Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation

The Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation has selected Dr. Oliver Lindhiem, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, as the recipient of its
Access to Care fellowship award. Dr. Lindhiem was chosen from a highly competitive cohort of candidates.   The fellowship program supports research intended to produce a direct and tangible benefit to children and their families in the areas of child and adolescent ADHD, child and adolescent depression, and access to care.

The two-year fellowship grant will support Dr. Lindhiem’s project “Improving Access to Care via mHealth Technology.”  Although evidence-based treatments have been developed for childhood disruptive behavior problems, many families do not have access to these services. Barriers to access may include local availability of services, transportation, cost, and perceived stigma.

With support from the award, Dr. Lindhiem will conduct a pilot randomized-controlled trial comparing the effects of the UseIt! (Understanding Skill-use to Enhance the Impact of Treatment) mHealth system to a waitlist control condition.  The UseIt! mHealth system, originally developed to supplement therapy, will be tested as a standalone intervention to promote the use of parent management training (PMT) skills and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) skills.  The UseIt! system consists of parent and child smartphone apps that include both content and features to promote and measure the use of specific PMT skills and CBT skills.  The outcome assessment will include measures of skill acquisition, skill utilization, symptom reduction, and satisfaction. Dr. Lindhiem plans to use the results from this pilot to prepare a grant application for a full-scale randomized clinical trial of the intervention.