10-01-11: Hot Publications

Hot Research Publications from Department Faculty

Aizenstein HJ, Andreescu C, Edelman KL, Cochran JL, Price J, Butters MA, Karp J, Patel M and Reynolds CF.  fMRI correlates of white matter hyperintensities in late-life depression.  American Journal of Psychiatry 168:1075-1082, 2011.

Arnold LE, Demeter C, Mount K, Frazier TW, Youngstrom EA, Fristad M, Birmaher B, Findling RL, Horwitz SM, Kowatch R and Axelson DA.  Pediatric bipolar spectrum disorder and ADHD: Comparison and comorbidity in the LAMS clinical sample. Bipolar Disorders 13:509-521, 2011.

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Curley AA, Arion D, Volk DW, Asafu-Adjei JK, Sampson AR, Fish KN and Lewis DA.  Cortical deficits of glutamic acid decarboxylase 67 expression in schizophrenia: Clinical, protein, and cell type-specific features, American Journal of Psychiatry 168:921-929, 2011.

Maher BS, Vladimir I. Vladimirov VI, Latendresse SJ, Thiselton DL, McNamee R, Kang M, Bigdeli TB, Chen X, Riley BP, Hettema JM, Chilcoat H, Heidbreder C, Muglia P, Lenn Murrelle E, Dick DM, Aliev F, Agrawal A, Edenberg HJ, Kramer J, Nurnberger J, Tischfield JA, Devlin B, Ferrell RE, Kirillova GP, Tarter RE, Kendler KS and Vanyukov, MM.  The AVPR1A gene and substance use disorders: Association, replication, and functional evidence, Biological Psychiatry 70:519-527, 2011.

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Neddens J, Fish KN, Tricoire L, Vullhorst D, Shamir A, Chung W, Lewis DA, McBain CJ and Buonanno A.  Conserved interneuron-specific ErbB4 expression in frontal cortex of rodents, monkeys, and Humans: Implications for schizophrenia, Biological Psychiatry 70:636-645, 2011.

Schubert CA, Mulvey EP and Glasheen C. Influence of mental health and substance use problems and criminogenic risk on outcomes in serious juvenile offenders, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 50:925-937, 2011.

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