Clinician-Educator Faculty Development Program

Our Department offers an innovative, two-year career development program tailored specifically for assistant professor-level physician faculty who are clinicians, educators and/or administrators.  

The Clinician Educator Faculty Development Program (CEFDP) is aimed at enhancing the careers of clinician educators through a series of activities which include facilitating effective mentoring teams; providing didactic materials relevant to career development; and fostering a peer network to support career growth and the attainment of career goals. Monthly 90-minute didactic sessions cover a wide range of important topics such as academic writing, CV maintenance, time management, leadership and program development, and effective teaching. Mentors assist participants in developing an academic project in an area of their interest.

Read about the CEFDP in this Academic Psychiatry article and hear from Gina Perez, MD (CEFDP Program Director) and Lori Zippay (CEFDP facilitator) in this story on our website.

Clinician Educator Faculty Development Program Graduating Class