Sue R Beers, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry

Contact Details

3811 O'Hara St.
Carrie Wiles

Education & Training

University of Pittsburgh Counseling Psychology
University of Pittsburgh School of MedicineClinical Neuropsychology

Specialty Certifications

Licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Psychology

Current Appointments

Associate Director, Forensic Psychiatry Services

Professional Affiliations

Fellow, National Academy of Neuropsychology
Member, American Psychological Association
Member, International Neuropsychological Society

Research Interests

Traumatic brain injury; Outcome after pediatric illness or trauma; Opioid exposed infants
Selected Research Publications & Products
  1. Presson N, Beers SR, Morrow L, Wagener LM, Bird WA, Van Eman G, Krishnaswamy D, Penderville J, Borrasso AJ, Benso S, Puccio A, Fissell C, Okonkwo DO, Schneider. An exploratory analysis linking neuropsychological testing to quantification of High Density Fiber Tracking (HDFT) in military TBI. Brain Imaging & Behav; 2015; 9:484-499.
  2. Keilp JG, Beers SR, Burke AK, Melhem NM, Oquendo MA, Brent DA, Mann JJ. Neuropsychological deficits in past suicide attempters with varying levels of depression severity. Psycholog Med 2014; 44:2965-2974.
  3. Brown F, Katz LJ, Roth RM, Beers SR. The relationship of self-reported subclinical obsessive compulsive symptoms and impulsivity among adults with ADHD. Psychiatry Res 2014: 216:131-136.
  4. McCauley SR, Wilde EA, Hicks R, Anderson V, Bedell G, Beers SR, Campbell TF, Chapman SB, Ewing-Cobbs LJ, Gerring JP, Gioia GA, Levin HS, Michaud LJ, Miller AC, Prasad MR, Swaine BR. Turkstra LS, Wade SL, Yeates KO. Recommendations for the use of common outcome measures in pediatric traumatic brain injury research. J Neurotrauma. 2012;29:678-705.
  5. Beers SR, Wisniewski SR, Garcia-Filion P, Tian Y, Hahner T, Berger RP, Bell MJ, Adelson PD. Validity of a pediatric version of the Glasgow Outcome Scale-Extended. J Neurotrauma. 2012;29:1126-1139.

Clinical Interests

Traumatic brain injury; Cognitive effects of medical illness in children; Attention deficit and learning disorders in adults

Education Interests

Research ethics; Neuropsycholgical assessment and medical training
Selected Education Publications & Products
  1. Niezgoda, J, Beers SR. Behavioral development. In: Davis PJ, Cladis FP. Cladis Motoyama ET, editors. Smiths anesthesia for infants and children, 9th edition. Amsterdam: Elsevier; 2017. p. 10-22.
  2. Beers SR, Levin HS. Rehabilitation and outcome of pediatric head injuries. In: Albright L, Pollack I, Adelson PD, editors. Principles and practices of pediatric neurosurgery. 2nd edition. New York: Thieme Medical Publishers; 2007. p. 848-863.
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