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Daytime Insomnia Symptom Scale (DISS Instrument) - This copyright in this form is owned by the University of Pittsburgh and may be reprinted without charge only for non-commercial research and educational purposes. You may not make changes or modifications of this form without prior written permission from the University of Pittsburgh. If you would like to use this instrument for commercial purposes or for commercially sponsored research, please contact the Office of Technology Management at the University of Pittsburgh at 412-648-2206 for licensing information.

Please cite the following reference for the DISS in any publications, reports, or presentations resulting from its use.

Buysse,D.J., Thompson,W., Scott,J., Franzen,P.L., Germain,A., Hall,M., Moul,D.E., Nofzinger,E.A., & Kupfer,D.J. (2007) Daytime symptoms in primary insomnia: A prospective analysis using ecological momentary assessment. Sleep Medicine, 8, 198-208.

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