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Peter Gianaros, PhD Receives APA Honor

Peter Gianaros, PhD recipient of  2010 APA Distinguished Scientific Award

The American Psychological Association (APA) has named Peter Gianaros, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Assistant Professor of Psychology, as the recipient of a 2010 APA Distinguished Early Career Scientific Contribution to Psychology award. The APA presented Dr. Gianaros with the award for his original and novel work conceptualizing and quantifying stress-related cardiovascular and autonomic function, relating stress patterns to biomarkers of risk for cardiovascular disease, and characterizing the brain systems that regulate and are affected by peripheral stress physiology. Building on animal models of chronic stress, Dr. Gianaros has demonstrated the influence of perceived stress and low socioeconomic status on human brain morphology. His work is at the frontier of the integration of health psychology and neuroscience, and his methods are pioneering in their approach to questions at multiple levels of analysis. Congratulations Dr. Gianaros for this recognition of your important work!