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Jill Glausier, PhD Joins Faculty

Jill Glausier, PhD Appointed Instructor of Psychiatry


Dr. Glausier’s future research plans include investigating excitatory signaling and oxidative phosphorylation alterations in schizophrenia.  This line of research will include laser capture microdissection and gene expression profiling in discrete cell types in postmortem human tissue and EM studies to evaluate the morphological correlates of the abnormal profiles in schizophrenia.  It is an important area of study given its potential to significantly contribute to the identification of the molecular factors that affect cortical excitatory-inhibitory balance in schizophrenia.  Dr. Glausier has presented her work at national scientific meetings and conferences, and has authored several peer-reviewed publications appearing in journals such as Molecular Psychiatry, Biological Psychiatry, and Neuropsychopharmacology.  

Congratulations to Dr. Glausier on her academic appointment, and please join us in welcoming her to the Department!