Global Experts on Bipolar Disorder to Meet in Pittsburgh June 9-11, 2011

Global Experts on Bipolar Disorder
to Meet in Pittsburgh June 9-11, 2011

Nearly 1,000 researchers, clinicians, mental health advocates, patients and families are expected to attend the Ninth International Conference on Bipolar Disorder, June 9 to 11, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. The event is held only once every two years and is the largest meeting of its kind solely devoted to bipolar disorder, a disease that affects almost 6 million Americans. 

Top medical institutions from around the world will present new research covering the classification of bipolar disorders, innovative technologies such as genomics and brain imaging, optimizing current treatments of bipolar depression, advances in neurobiology and genetics, psychoeducation and psychotherapy, medical risk prevention and intervention, and international perspectives on bipolar disorder.   

The first two days of the program will consist of scientific sessions on topics including: diagnosis of bipolar disorder across the lifespan; advances in neuroscience; treatment strategies for bipolar disorders; early intervention; medical comorbidities; and an update on the proposed revisions in the DSM-V. Saturday?s program will provide consumer-focused sessions on cognitive behavioral therapy, family-focused therapy, and interpersonal and social rhythm therapy, as well as an in-depth look at the theory of overdiagnosis of bipolar disorder in the U.S. and international perspectives on the disease.  Advocacy-related forums will take place throughout the conference. Each day will include sessions for both clinicians and for individuals who have bipolar disorder and their families. 

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