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Faculty Accomplishments

02-12-16 Dr. Kenneth Nash Promoted to the Rank of Professor of Psychiatry
02-05-16 Marianne Seney, PhD Selected for ADAA Alies Muskin Career Development Leadership Program
01-27-16 Rebecca Price, PhD Recognized as Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Science
01-06-16 Department of Psychiatry Welcomes Vishnu P. Murty, PhD to Its Faculty
12-21-15 Department Faculty Recognized for Scientific Contributions at 2015 ACNP Meeting
12-08-15 International Academy for Suicide Research presents Dr. David Brent prestigious Morselli Medal
11-16-15 Dr. Mary Amanda Dew Appointed to IRB Advisory Committee on Social and Behavioral Health
11-09-15 Antoine Douaihy, MD Presented with Donald Fraley Award for Medical Student Mentoring
11-04-15 Jason Rosenstock, MD Recognized for Teaching Excellence at the 2015 University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Curriculum Colloquium
11-03-15 ICGP Senior Investigator Award presented to Meryl A. Butters, PhD
10-23-15 Dr. Susan Perlman Awarded BRAINS Grant
10-23-15 Drs. William Klunk, David Lewis and David Kupfer Rank in Top 1% of Cited Researchers
10-09-15 David Brent, MD to receive C. Charles Burlingame Award
10-02-15 University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Promotes LalithKumar Solai, MD to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
09-24-15 AACAP Selects Dr. Eva Szigethy for 2015 Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation Award
09-22-15 University of Pittsburgh Promotes Dr. Kenneth Fish to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
09-04-15 Pitt School of Medicine Promotes Carla Mazefsky, PhD to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
08-31-15 Dean Salisbury, PhD Awarded NARSAD Independent Investigator Award
08-27-15 University of Pittsburgh Promotes Dr. Ben Handen to Full Professor
08-25-15 Dr. Oliver Lindhiem Awarded Access to Care Fellowship Grant from Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation
08-18-17 Holly Swartz, MD Elected President of International Society of Interpersonal Therapy
08-21-15 Cecile Ladouceur, PhD Promoted to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
07-22-15 Daniel J. Buysse, MD Presented with Mary A. Carskadon Outstanding Educator Award
07-24-15 Jason Rosenstock, MD Appointed Chair of Pitt School of Medicine Curriculum Committee
07-10-15 University of Pittsburgh Promotes Stephanie Stepp, PhD to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
06-24-15 Kadiamada N.R. Chengappa, MD presented with American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology Best Paper in the Journal Award
06-24-15 Dr. Edward Mulvey Named Chair of U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs Science Advisory Board
06-12-15 Matthew MacDonald, PhD Welcomed to Department of Psychiatry Faculty
05-18-15 Susanne Ahmari, MD, PhD Selected for McKnight Scholar Award
04-07-15 Ryan Logan, PhD Welcomed to Department of Psychiatry Faculty
04-06-15 Department Welcomes Anna Manelis, PhD to the Faculty
02-09-15 Dr. Amy Herschell Promoted to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
01-28-15 Sarah Stahl, PhD Appointed to Faculty
01-08-15 Dr. Charles F. "Chip" Reynolds Runs for APA President-Elect
12-31-14 Robert Hudak, MD is Promoted to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
12-16-14 Duncan Clark, MD, PhD Promoted to Professor of Psychiatry
12-12-14 ACNP Presents Mary Phillips, MD, MD (CANTAB) with Prestigious Joel Elkes Research Award
12-08-14 ACNP Selects Yanhua Huang, PhD for Travel Award
12-08-14 Pitt Promotes Rasim Diler, MD to the Rank of Associate Professor of Psychiatry
12-05-14 Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine Appoints Dr. Roberto Ortiz-Aguayo as a Fellow
11-28-14 Pitt Promotes Dustin Pardini, PhD to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
11-21-14 University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Promotes David Volk, MD, PhD to Associate Professor
11-18-14 Pitt Appoints Melynda Casement, PhD to Faculty
11-10-14 Department Welcomes Peter Bachman, PhD to the Faculty
11-06-14 Dr. David Lewis Receives the 2014 American Psychiatric Association Award for Research in Psychiatry
11-05-14 Marianne Seney, PhD Appointed to Psychiatry Faculty
10-24-14 Jill Glausier, PhD Appointed to Faculty
10-13-14 Department Welcomes Lauren Bylsma, PhD to Faculty
09-17-14 Society for Psychophysiological Research presents J. Richard Jennings with 2014 Distinguished Contributions to Psychophysiology Award
09-04-14 Pitt School of Medicine Promotes Martica Hall, PhD to Professor
07-28-14 Association of Academic Psychiatry Presents Dr. Michael Travis with Education Award
07-21-14 Rasim Diler, MD Receives Beckwith Institute Award to Develop Web Based Monitoring System
07-11-14 University Promotes Holly Swartz, MD Professor of Psychiatry
06-25-14 Jordan Karp, MD Selected for Hartford Foundation Change AGEnts Institute
05-24-14 Alexis Fertig, MD, MPH Selected for Marshall Weber Physician Leadership Program
05-20-14 Judith Morgan, PhD Selected for Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation Fellowship Program
05-16-14 James Tew, Jr., MD Presented with AOA Faculty Award
05-05-14 Michael Travis, MD Appointed to 3-Year Term on PRITE Editorial Board
04-18-14 David Lewis, MD Presented with Edward A. Strecker Award
04-11-14 Mary Amanda Dew, MD Elected to OPTN Board
04-07-14 Dr. Phillips Elected to ASCI
03-21-14 Sue Beers, PhD Promoted to Professor of Psychiatry
03-20-14 Rebecca Price, PhD Selected for ADAA Award
03-19-14 Loren Roth, MD, MPH to Present Provost's Distinguished Service Professor Inaugural Lecture
03-07-14 Drs. Jennifer Wildes and Marsha Marcus Selected for AED Outstanding Scientific Contribution Award
02-24-14 Sarah Pedersen, PhD Invited to Participate in Alcohol Medical Scholars Program
01-31-14 New Faculty – Christopher Kline, PhD
01-24-14 New Faculty – Leslie E. Horton, PhD
01-14-14 Lori Scott, PhD Appointed to Faculty
12-19-13 Drs. Brent and Klunk Elected to UPSOM Executive Committee
12-11-13 Martica Hall, PhD Presented with ASMF Award
12-04-13 Eydie Moses-Kolko - Academic Promotion
11-22-13 Dr. Jeremy Musher and Colleagues Accept CPT Panel Award
11-15-13 Mary Amanda Dew, PhD Inducted as APM Fellow
10-24-13 Boris Birmaher, MD Presented with Colvin Prize
10-21-13 Susanne Ahmari, MD, PhD Appointed to Faculty
09-26-13 Dr. Silk and Colleagues Develop Innovative SmartCAT App
09-17-13 Department Welcomes Tobias Teichert, PhD
09-09-13 Henry Chase, PhD Appointed to Faculty
09-02-13 Judith Morgan, PhD Appointed to Faculty
08-27-13 MSTP Mentor Award Presented to Dr. David Lewis
08-09-13 Loren Roth, MD, MPH Appointed Distinguished Service Professor
07-31-13 Rebecca Thurston, PhD Elected to ASBM
07-23-13 Anne Cohen, PhD Receives 2013 Hamilton Award
07-23-13 Research Review Committee Reviewers of the Year Awards
07-05-13 Erika Forbes, PhD Receives Emerging Mentor Award
06-07-13 Rebecca Price, PhD Appointed to Faculty
05-24-13 Jay Fournier, PhD Joins Faculty
05-24-13 Meredith Wallace, PhD Joins Faculty
05-23-13 Conferral of Tenure - Erika E. Forbes, PhD
05-14-13 Pitt Names Dr. Richard Schulz Distinguished Service Professor
04-30-13 Martin Lubetsky, MD Promoted
04-19-13 Rasim Diler, MD Selected for NCDEU New Investigator Award
04-11-13 Antoine Douaihy, MD Receives Charles Watson Teaching Award
04-04-13 Rebecca Thurston, PhD Promoted
03-26-13 Dorothy Sit, MD Featured on NPR
03-20-13 Francis Lotrich, MD, PhD Promoted
02-26-13 Bernie Devlin, PhD Receives MERIT Award
02-06-13 Mary Amanda Dew, PhD - CaMP Appointment
01-07-13 Sansea Jacobson, MD Appointed as New Director Of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Training Program
12-14-12 James D. Tew, Jr., MD Selected for 2012 Excellence in Education Award
12-10-12 Ellen Frank, PhD Elected to University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Committee
12-05-12 ACNP Elects David A. Lewis, MD as President
11-15-12 Dennis Daley, PhD Re-Elected as Chair of the NIDA Clinical Trials Network
11-09-12 Department Faculty Selected for Leadership and Management ‘Mini-MBA’ Program
11-09-12 Schizophrenia Research Forum Webinar Features Department Investigators
11-02-12 School of Medicine Promotes Bernie Devlin, PhD to Professor of Psychiatry
11-02-12 Roberto Ortiz-Aguayo, MD, FAAP Selected as president of National Training Program
11-01-12 Traci D’Almeida, MD Appointed to Department Faculty
10-18-12 Pitt Presents Clinical Educator of the Year Award to Eric Rickin, MD
10-16-12 Pierre Azzam, MD Named Clerkship Preceptor of the Year
10-15-12 Mary Torregrossa, PhD Newest Researcher to Join Department Faculty
10-11-12 Brant Hasler, PhD Appointed to Department Faculty
10-09-12 John P. Ryan, PhD Welcomed to Faculty
09-17-12 Frank A. Ghinassi, PhD Promoted to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
09-06-12 School of Medicine Appoints Jason Rosenstock, MD to NTFPA Standing Committee
09-04-12 Pitt Promotes Michael Marshal, PhD to Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics
08-31-12 Department Welcomes Dean Salisbury, PhD to Faculty
08-30-12 Loren Roth, MD, MPH Honored as Grand Champion at Fourth Annual Celebrating Senior Champions Benefit
08-28-12 David J. Yankura, MD, Appointed to Department of Psychiatry Faculty
08-24-12 Jessica C. Kettel, MD, PhD, Appointed to Department of Psychiatry Faculty
08-24-12 Nolan P. Hughes, MD, Appointed to Department of Psychiatry Faculty
08-16-12 Tiffany F. Hughes, PhD, MPH, Joins Department of Psychiatry Faculty
08-10-12 Latest Appointments of Department Faculty To Federal Study Sections
08-06-12 Tina Goldstein, PhD Promoted to Associate Professor
07-31-12 Department Welcomes Sarah Pedersen, PhD to Faculty
07-25-12 Autism Researcher Receives Slifka/Ritvo Award for Innovation
07-25-12 Pitt Appoints Michael Travis, MD to Academy of Master Educators
07-18-12 Sleep Researcher Featured in Time
07-16-12 Dr. David Volk Receives Hamilton Research Award
07-10-12 Eva Szigethy, MD, PhD Presented with Emerging Mentorship Award
07-09-12 Department welcomes Yanhua Huang, PhD to faculty
06-19-12 Cynthia Conklin, PhD Promoted to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
06-05-12 Patient Care and Innovation Awards
06-01-12 Special Edition of the AJGP Focuses on the Aging Veteran
06-01-12 Dr. Karen Matthews to Deliver Keynote Address at 2012 Research Day
04-23-12 Ariel Gildengers, MD Promoted to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
04-13-12 Tina Goldstein, PhD Receives Gerald Klerman Young Investigator Award
03-22-12 Jason Rosenstock, MD Promoted to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
03-09-12 University of Pittsburgh Honors Convocation Recognizes Department Faculty Achievements
02-23-12 Mary L. Phillips, MD Featured on BBC Today Program
02-21-12 K. N. Roy Chengappa, MD Named Academician of the Year by Indo American Psychiatric Association
02-16-12 American Psychiatric Foundation Presents Dr. Katherine Wisner with Symonds Award
01-18-12 Mark D. Miller, MD Promoted to the Rank of Professor of Psychiatry
01-18-12 New Location for Dr. Karen Matthews’ February 9, 2012 Distinguished Professor Lecture and Reception
01-06-12 Colleen McClung, PhD Receives Johnson & Johnson / IMHRO Rising Star Translational Research Award
12-01-11 Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine Honors Work of Dr. Andrea DiMartini With 2011 Research Award
11-30-11 NIDDK Invites Melissa Kalarchian, PhD to Serve on Digestive Diseases and Nutrition Subcommittee
11-11-11 Beatriz Luna, PhD Promoted to the Rank of Professor of Psychiatry
11-04-11 Physician Services Division Selects Department Faculty for Leadership and Management ‘Mini-MBA’ Program
10-28-11 Jessica M. Gannon, MD Appointed to Department of Psychiatry Faculty
10-24-11 Dr. Ellen Frank Awarded Sarnat Prize
10-24-11 Susan Perlman, PhD Joins Department of Psychiatry Faculty
10-14-11 Dr. Beatriz Luna's Research Featured in October National Geographic
10-14-11 School of Medicine Presents Department Faculty with Teaching Awards
10-04-11 UPP Honors Dr Petronilla Vaulx-Smith as Clinician Emeritus
09-21-11 Department Welcomes Kara E Driscoll, MD to the Faculty
09-13-11 Study of Bereaved Children Garners National Attention
09-08-11 NPR Interviews Katherine Wisner, MD, MS About Stigma and Treatment for Postpartum Depression
09-02-11 Wall Street Journal Features Interviews with Two of the Department's Prominent Sleep Medicine Researchers
09-01-11 Department Welcomes Ann D Cohen, PhD to Faculty
08-28-11 AAMC Minority Career Development Seminar
08-09-11 Jennifer Silk, PhD Named 2011 Klerman Honorable Mention Prizewinner
07-21-11 Martin J. Lubetsky, MD Honored as Volunteer of the Year
07-19-11 Translational Neuroscience Program Welcome New Faculty
07-12-11 New Faculty Welcomed to Clinical Programs
07-12-11 Dr. William Klunk Named Distinguished Professor
07-07-11 Nancy Minshew Named Distinguished Daughter of Pennsylvania
07-07-11 Erika Forbes, PhD promoted to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
05-25-11 Martica Hall, PhD Selected as President-Elect of the American Psychosomatic Society
05-25-11 Etienne Sibille, PhD Promoted to Rank of Associate Professor with Tenure
05-17-11 Congratulations to Dr. Charles Bradberry on his promotion to the rank of Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.
04-28-11 Jordan F. Karp, MD Promoted to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
04-19-11 School of Medicine Class of 2011 Selects Antoine Douaihy, MD as Recipient of the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Faculty Award
04-18-11 Jennifer Silk, PhD Promoted to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
04-08-11 Jill M. Cyranowski, PhD Promoted to Associate Professor of Psychiatry
03-04-11 Please join us in congratulating the following faculty on their promotion to the following academic ranks:
02-17-11 Christopher Martin, PhD Receives 2011 UPPDA Postdoctoral Advocate Award
02-01-11 American Medical Women’s Association presents Woman in Science Award to Dr. Katherine Wisner
01-20-11 American Psychiatric Association Presents Research Mentorship Award to Charles F. Reynolds, III, MD
01-19-11 Robert Marin, MD Receives 2011 Diversity Award from American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry
12-21-10 Department Faculty Recognized by the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology
12-21-10 David Kupfer, MD Receives Julius Axelrod Mentorship Award from the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology
11-30-10 US Attorney General Names Dr. Edward Mulvey to Office of Justice Programs Science Advisory Board
08-09-10 Peter Gianaros, PhD recipient of 2010 APA Distinguished Scientific Award
08-02-10 ACNP Selects Four Department of Psychiatry Faculty for 2010 Travel Awards
07-20-10 Maria Kovacs, PhD Promoted to the Rank of Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry