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Dr. Levenson Receives APF Award

Jessica Levenson, PhD awarded Innovation Grant from the
American Psychological Foundation

Jessica Levenson, PhDJessica Levenson, PhD, a postdoctoral scholar in the University of Pittsburgh Translational Research Training in Sleep Medicine Fellowship, has been selected for the 2013 Drs. Rosalee G. and Raymond A. Weiss Research and Program Innovation Award from the American Psychological Foundation. The grant supports innovative research, education, and interventions in: 1) Understanding and fostering the connection between behavior and health; 2) Reducing stigma and prejudice; 3) Understanding and preventing violence; and 4) Addressing the long-term psychological needs in the aftermath of disaster.

Dr. Levenson plans to focus her work on understanding the role of sleep and social rhythm dysregulation in the development and maintenance of mood disorders, and on the development and evaluation of treatments aimed at improving sleep disturbances, social rhythm dysregulation, and mood. She will work closely with her mentoring team, which consists of Tina R. Goldstein, PhD, Peter Franzen, PhD, and Daniel J. Buysse, MD.

Dr. Levenson is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. After completing a Clinical Psychology Internship at the University of Wisconsin, she began her fellowship appointment to the University of Pittsburgh in July 2013.

Congratulations to Dr. Levenson being selected for this award!