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What Our Residents Have to Say

What Our Residents Have to Say About The Program

Dr. Anderson Still
Anderson Still, MD
Chief Resident for Inpatient Services, 2016-2017

What experiences will a Resident have in PGY1 at WPIC?
How do a resident’s experiences change in PGY2 at WPIC?
What types of call do PGY1 and 2 residents do at WPIC?
What support is offered to PGY1s and 2s at WPIC?
Dr. Dan Fisherman
Dan Fisherman, MD
Chief Resident for Ambulatory Services, 2016-2017

What are the key clinical experiences in PGY3 and PGY4 at WPIC?
How well do the Faculty support, supervise and mentor the Residents at WPIC?
From your perspective, what are the strengths of the Program at WPIC?
What do you personally feel you have gained most from training at WPIC?
Dr. Agnes Joseph
Psychotherapy Training
Agnes Joseph, MD
Chief Resident for Psychotherapy, 2016-2017

In which modalities of psychotherapy are WPIC residents trained?
How easy is it to find time to see patients for psychotherapy training?
What are the best features of the psychotherapy supervision offered at WPIC?
Dr. Cristin McDermott

Child Track & Fellowship
Cristin Mcdermott, MD
Chief Resident for the Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship and Child Track, 2016-2017

What are the differences between the Child Psychiatry Track and the General Psychiatry Track?
What is unique about training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at WPIC?

Dr. Cristen McDermotter
Triple Board
Cristin McDermott, MD
Chief Resident for Triple Board 2016-2017

What is the Triple Board Program?
What are the strengths of the WPIC Triple Board Program?
Drs. Bruce Callister and Tamar Carmel
Family Medicine & Psychiatry
Drs. Bruce Callister and Tamar Carmel
Graduates of the UPMC Family Medicine and Psychiatry Program – New Videos soon
Describe the UPMC Combined Family Medicine and Psychiatry Program.
What are the advantages of training in a Combined FM/Psych Program?
What are the main strengths of the UPMC Combined FM/Psych Program?
Drs Wynne Lundblad and Kim Clinebell
AACE & Teaching
Kim Clinebell, MD
Chief Resident for Education, Chair of the AACE Track, 2016-2017
and  Nicole Bates, MD
Vice-Chair of the AACE-Track

What are the main strengths of the Thursday afternoon teaching at WPIC?
What changes are planned for teaching at WPIC over this year?
What educational opportunities are available outside of the Thursday afternoon teaching?
What is the AACE Track?
Dr Melanie Grubisha Psychiatry Research Pathway
Melanie Grubisha, MD
Chief Resident for the Psychiatry Research Pathway, 2016-2017

What range of research is being conducted at WPIC?
What are the opportunities to get involved with the research at WPIC?
How is WPIC Research Pathways organized?