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Rachel Bachrach, MS, MA (University of Buffalo). Interests include understanding the etiology of alcohol use and its consequences in college-aged populations.  Her research evaluates individual and social factors that contribute to the co-occurrence of PTSD and problematic alcohol use, and incorporates the use of ecological momentary assessment (EMA) methods.  

Lindsay Bodell, MS (Florida State University). Interests include the etiology and pathophysiology of eating disorders, and the link between eating disorders and suicidality. Her research has included the evaluation of neural correlates of decision-making deficits in patients with anorexia nervosa, and biological correlates of binge eating behaviors.  

Amy Byrd, MS (University of Pittsburgh).  Interests include understanding the mechanisms that influence the development and persistence of disruptive behavior disorders in youth, using multiple levels of analysis. Specifically, her interests center on examining genetic and neurobiological mechanisms that increase risk for disruptive behavior disorders, and the interaction between child-specific and environmental factors.

Luis Flores, BA (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign).  Interests include emotional and interpersonal factors in depression.  Specifically, he has developed and tested a model of interpersonal emotion regulation, using experimental and daily diary methods, including the evaluation of emotional memory in interpersonal contexts. 

Rachel Kolko, MA (Washington University).  Interests include developing, refining and implementing empirically-supported treatments for obesity and eating disorders. Specifically, she is interested in creating both in-person and on-line training programs that can be disseminated across diverse settings, and evaluating the sustainability of treatment implementation..