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Current Intern Class

Class of 2016 - 2017

Jessica Hamilton, MA (Temple University)
Advisor: Lauren Alloy, PhD
Interests:  Biopsychosocial vulnerabilities and stress processes in adolescent depression using a development psychopathology perspective.


Britny Hildebrandt, MA (Michigan State University)
Advisor: Kelly Klump, PhD 
Interests:  Biological bases of eating disorders, and translational approaches to study the neurobiology of eating pathology, including hormonal influences and reward circuitry alterations in human and animal models. 

Sarah Victor, MA (University of British Columbia)
Advisor: David Klonsky, PhD 
Interests:  Correlates, assessment, and treatment of suicidal and non-suicidal self-injurious behaviors across the lifespan.

Frances Wang, MA (Arizona State University)
Advisor: Laurie Chassin, PhD. 
Interests:  Temperamental and genetic influences on substance use and co-occurring psychopathology.

Mary Woody, MS (Binghamton University – SUNY)
Advisor: Brandon Gibb, PhD
Interests:  Cognitive-affective and biological risk factors for depression across development.